Monday, 5 December 2016

UK, Amsterdam, Shopping!

Hello! Finally got the time to settle down and start writing. Shall we? hehe.

Went to UK from 3rd November to 30th November, so it was almost a month.
Was an impromptu idea to visit Edward and my employer was okay with it so I went! 
HAHAHA. (If you're wondering why it's so flexible it's because I'm working under freelance/work from home basis. Might go for February's intake for Masters, but we'll see how!)

Touched down and stayed in Bristol for one night, then rushed back to London to meet Siet Yen and Ruey Miin! Siet Yen came all the way from Paris. Her holiday was approaching its end so she came down to visit!

I have to say, studying abroad made me homesick but it was a really eye-opening experience and it forces you to grow into a more independent person. 

Ah, I miss planning trips around Europe! HAHAHA. But I can't wait to go on a beach vacation too. Even Redang would be nice! I miss the beach. Honestly, between city or islands, the latter makes me the happiest. Santorini was the most unforgettable trip for me this year!

Back at somewhere near Oxford Street.

Everytime I go down to London, it's Oxford Circus. AHHAHA. The shopping mecca. 
Niketown, H&M that spans three floors. Everything is huge.
And then you walk a little further down you'll get Bond Street with all the designer shiz.

I like that London is more happening. (Or most happening in UK).
In Bristol or Southampton, everything closes at 6pm. I just can't get the hang of that lifestyle.
It's too slow for me! In Malaysia, 6pm is the time people are getting ready to go out!
In UK, 6pm is when they shut their doors lol.

Had some dim sum in Chinatown!
Can't take the chinese out of us lolol.

The food was quite nice, and reasonably priced as well.
Siet Yen's recommendation. Orient.
I don't remember the name actually, but thank goodness for the pictures I take 
(the cup on the picture below says Orient).

HAHAHA I'm such a bad blogger. 

We ended up not being able to finish because it was too much!
But luckily we took home the leftovers.

We did some shopping! Or rather I dragged them around with me hahahahahah.

Anyway, disclaimer! I don't spend like this all the time ehehe
Kind of like a shopping trip this time for graduation and the currency exchange was good in the beginning of the month (5.1). And the tax refund! I feel that everything in Malaysia is so expensive after GST.

Saw this tote and I fell in love :>

It can fit a little more than the jumbo but weighs much less. It's made out of calfskin which is the common material found in chanel boy bags. And oh my I'm starting to sound like a sales associate. AHAHAH.

Anyway, I also liked that it could be worn crossbody, had a lot of compartments and looked classy! Eventhough it's a seasonal piece it looks pretty classic. I love black and gold bags now. And nude/beige/cream/blush bags. 

I ended up taking the plunge and buying this bag because I really liked it and it fit my essentials.
Erm, more than my essentials because I have a very annoying habit of trying to fit 500ml water bottles into bags and my iPad mini too. iPad mini fits into medium lady dior and medium chanel flap by the way :D

It has two big pockets on the outside, three pockets on the inside and a keyring holder. 
The leather scratches quite easily I think, even more so than lambskin because lambskin you can easily buff it out. But oh well. Still going to use it. AHHAA.

The tax refund gets higher the more you buy, I think for below 1000 pounds it's about 11.5%. If it is over 3000 pounds they give around 13.5%

Back at the hotel in London with Ruey Miin and Siet Yen!

Harrods was really pretty at night! A lot of the big departmental stores already had their christmas decorations up and running. Christmas is of course much better in Europe than in Malaysia!

Then I had to bid adios to Siet Yen and Ruey Miin and head back to Bristol.

Date night! With boyfie.
We went to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Not bad! But a lot of CGI (obvi hahaha)

EHEHE. Doesn't feel like we haven't seen each other that long. The first time doing LDR was weird.
Now we're pretty much used to it. The first time though, was horrible. HAHAHA. Life.

Back at Cabot Circus lul.

Xmas tree!

And then we made our way to Amsterdam for a quick little getaway. 
It was raining the first day and quite cold!!!
Hence hiding under the I Amsterdam letters. Lol.

They're quite a popular tourist spot (or one of the most?!) and it's just in front of Rjiksmuseum, the Royal Museum.

We rented a tandem bike for two! Which was a great idea because we would have to shout and bump into each other on separate bikes. Amsterdam is really bike-friendly and I would say there are more bikes than cars, and the bikes take you from A to B faster than cars.

It wasn't that expensive as well, about 25 euros for 24 hours rent on the tandem bike. Definitely worth exploring Amsterdam on bike. The single bikes are about 14 euros.

It was so cold I almost felt like not doing anything, HO HUM.

We practised cycling at Vondelpark first before going onto the bicycle lanes. The bicycles are pretty fast here! Also my ass got pretty sore from riding.

We cycled from Vondelpark to Dam Square next.
I just used google map on my phone and directed Edward who was at the front wheel and did most of the work (KAKAKAKA). So it was a good thing we took tandem bike cos we got lost a few times!
We reached after about 20minutes of cycling.

Around Dam Square they had a huge departmental store with designer shiz and Gassan diamonds.
My dad bought a diamond ring there ages ago (and since has been passed down to me lololol). I think about 13 years ago. I was 9 years old the last time I visited Netherlands. I remember getting sick after going to see the windmills and almost getting blown away by the wind.

My boyfie wrapped like potato.

Pigeons everywhere!!

NG shot hahahh the pigeon didn't want me already

Hearty meal perfect for cold weather and ass-hurting cycling.

Clogs, canals and cheese! So amsterdam

Flower market! Tulip aren't in season but they sell a lot of them and their buds so you can plant them at home! I think Amsterdam would be so beautiful in Spring! The cold definitely made me a little groggy and lazy. Okay, more than a little. A lot!

Pizza! I forced boyfie to finish half of it for me HAHAHA
It's hard for him to eat anything bread/pasta related.
But when it comes to rice/noodles? No problem. Bring it on.

Also climbed the letters of I amsterdam.
Me, I stand down there and take picha only.


Also, everything illegal is so legal in Amsterdam, it's funny.

Weed is everywhere, in lollipops, ice-cream, brownies, chocolates.

We stayed in a little studio in Amsterdam. Just nice for two people! Enough living space.

Taxidermy inside the Rjiksmuseum.

Nile crocodile!

They had a lot of classical/renaissance works. A lot of Rembrandts!

Also got to see Victor Van Gogh's self-portrait of himself. He has a museum to himself but we only had time to visit Rjiksmuseum. If you are a fan of Van Goghs, definitely visit the Van Gogh Museum! It's just like a 5min walk from Rjiksmuseum.

This was some day else in London with Edward.

OH YEAH. The H&M bag is the same one from Amsterdam. I didn't buy anything from H&M that day. I just used it to put my umbrella and water bottle. It would fit in my bag, but I didn't want water leaking from the umbrella. AHHAHA. Didn't rain much that day though, lucky!

Outside Selfridges! Blurry me.

Finally tried Burger & Lobster and it was so good!
Pricey, but good. Ai Lynn told me not to order the lobster roll and go for the full lobster so I heeded her advice. Did not regret! HAHA. So fun to get all the meat out. The meat was very juicy and tender too!

Definitely worth trying and would come again. My mum has never heard of Burger & Lobster before. It's more well-known to chinese tourists lolol. The locals don't really know the hype.

The lobsters are really huge! The one I had was 900grams and 20 pounds I think with the salad and fries.

Stayed overnight in Bedford at mum's place!

Went to Luton Hoo Hotel & Spa.
It was warm and cosy inside, thank goodness!

Also a lot of people were lounging on the sofa which I find weird because in Asia everyone would be in the pool. I mean go to swimming pool and not swim but do reading?! Unheard of!

Christmas fair in Bristol! The christmas markets were already open too.
I had some hot churros! Hehe.

I'm so glad we went ice skating! Boyfie taught me how to skate hehe.
I would say you can definitely learn it in a day, but it's quite scary at first.
There was another girl and it's the first time as well but she got too scared and clung to the rails for almost the whole 45minutes! Which I thought was a waste!

But lucky for me boyfie was there to hold me when I was about to fall. Haven't fell on the ice yet!
We went two times! Hehe. Edward fell both times. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Once was because he just got into the rink and he hadn't skated for a while but he wanted to LANYENG and went to fast and went down with a huge bang. I told him it was karma because he left me alone!!! HAHAHAHA. But after that he guided me hehehehehehe poor boyfie. The second time was my fault lol he tripped on my skates while guiding me!

Lobster pasta with mum in London! Another shopping trip eheh.
The lobster was a bit overcooked in this one compared to Burger & Lobster, but the flavour was still thick and really good. Sicily was the name of the resto, just outside Victoria Coach Station. Was the first resto my mum saw and she was hungry so we went in! 

The make their pasta in house too, which was good.
I know I always complain that UK food is terrible, but there are exceptions! This is one of them.
And Burger & Lobster. I think for me, the cold weather makes my tastebuds less sensitive as well. In Malaysia it's just easy to get cheap and good food everywhere, especially hawker food. Hawker food is price like fine dining in London, AHHAHAHA. A bowl of Prawn Mee that costs RM50 and you can order in Grand Hyatt in Malaysia for that. 

Victoria Underground again!

With my mum!

Last shopping before going back :B

I got a pair of chanel earrings heeee.

Bear in mind they have a tourist policy though, I think you can't buy more than one handbags, one earring or brooch per passport every 3 months. Eyewear and footwear they don't regulate, you can buy as many as you like. I think it's because there's a lot of personal shoppers in UK now because of the weaker pound. But the policy is already few years old though. If you really want to buy more than one handbag I guess you can put it in someone else's name?

Selfirdges! HAHAHA.

Okay, about the Givenchy Antigona The colour I wanted was this one called Old Pink, it's like a nude blush colour. 

I called Selfridges from Bristol to ask if they had any stock of Old Pink left because it was listed as sold out on Selfridges for like two weeks ( I KEPT REFRESHING THE PAGE) and they said it was in stock so I said okay. And he asked if I wanted the bag to be put on hold and I accidentally said yes because it just came out of my mouth.

 So a few days later I dragged boyfie down to London to collect the bag lololololol. 

Okay, no more bags for this year! ^^ 

And then these were the earrings I got. I purposely chose something without stones because they would fall off like a rainy day. !!! I like Chanel earrings but the stones are so filmsy!
I repaired them once but they came out still and I gave up. This one is just metal braided chain shaped into CC logos with a pearl drop. I love pearls! Pearl earrings especially! Mikimoto Akoya pearls are so pretty too.

Part of the shopping haul ehehehe. Didn't really spend money on anything else. This was like doing shopping for one year. HAHAHA. Because of the tax refund and exchange rate. 

Designer goods are always much cheaper in Europe! 

The new Givenchy Antigona straps are actually detachable. There is a small gap and an indent on the hooks. But you do have to be careful though, I accidentally made it slip out once or twice.

The last batch of the shopping trip! 

Got an o case in the smallest size to use as a wallet.
I don't like big wallets!! I always go back to small wallets!

Dior is mum's xmas gift hehe.

And the o case is so cute! It has a little CC logo at the end.

And the last of this haul are sunglasses from Chanel again lol.
The last pair of designer sunnies I got was like four years ago from Burberry.

And then it was time to go home!!

Totally done with shopping for designer goods now! Off to ban island and back to reality!
I am actually quite cheapskate on usual days hehe. 

Absolutely grateful for everything. Got to visit boyfie, didn't die in plane crash, didn't overspend (as in I still have money left coming home), and got to travel! Brother was disappointed I didn't get some food from duty free hhhahaha I wanted to buy cookies at the London airport but was carrying three bags alone so I gave up :( sorry

First time sitting in daddy's new car!
His old car was like 9 years old before he changed to this one.
This is S400h, a hybrid. I didn't know until I realized the engine was so silent.
Usually when somebody comes home it's easy to know but with this car you have to stand outside and wait lol.

It has a lot of bits and bobs. Sunroof, two tv at the back, two mirrors at the back, wireless headphones, changeable ambient lights.

I like big cars more than sports car! If you would ask me to choose between bugatti or rolls royce I would choose rolls royce because I can sleep all over the place at the back

Sunny Malaysia!

People commented I look a bit fairer after my trip.

WELLL. That's because in UK the sun goes down at bloody 4pm!!!!!! The saddest thing ever. I need me sunshine and vitamin D yo. But in the summer it's on the extreme end and the sun goes down at 9pm. Honestly, I think we take our Malaysia's weather for granted.

We always complain it's too hot and humind, but honestly I would take hot & humid over cold & cloudy anyday. Winter just makes me want to hibernate and wait until summer is back.


So nice Daddy brought me to eat sushi the day after I landed.

Had some unagi roll at Rakuzen. NOMNOM. Best food ever.


OKAY THAT IS ALL FOR THIS POST. Goodnight bye bye!

Thanks for reading! :)



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