Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Welcome, 2017

Happy New Year people! 
Welcoming 2017 with big open arms. 

Okay! Update on my December and January before my silly brain fails to recall.

Went to Jalan Ampang's Tamarind Springs.

Mei Yen loves it there. It's tucked deep inside a residential area and the place is really dark and romantic. We saw a lot of tables with rose petals!

Like, for couples who come and celebrate special occasions. Leanne brought her boyfriend to a few weeks later for his birthday! So sweet. I wish my boyfriend was here :'(

They serve mostly Thai/Indonesian fusion food.
Moderately pricey, about RM35-55 per dish. But worth it for the ambiance!

I really miss COCA thai steamboat. It has closed down, forever :(

Girls being girls!

We went to TREC. Actually, we wanted to go to Sky Bar but got lost while driving and TREC was straight ahead so we went for it. Lol. 

Mei Yen recommended us this Reggae Bar which is supposed to be cool on weekends (emulating an Igloo I guess??). It was a Monday night so there were more workers than customers. HEHE.

Happy Birthday, bestie Mei Yen! 11/11 baby yoh!

Thanks for being by my side through ups and downs and always treating me like family. Bestfriends since 13 years old, hehe. We've watched each other grow. I love sitting beside her in class back in high school. AHHAHA. But I would always get in trouble for making her laugh.

You know, they say if a friendship lasts for more than 7 years, the friendship will most likely last a lifetime. I guess a lot of things change in 7 years. Not even 7, 4 years is enough to break a friendship. There are so many factors that will cause two people to grow apart, relationships included.

We all move onto different phases. High school, college, university, marriage, work, kids. Once you fail to share a common ground, I guess the bond would break. Relationships always take effort. And I'm ever so grateful for the people who stay by me even when I'm hard to be with. Hehe.


Belated birthday celebration for Xuannie!

December 2nd baby, same as my brother :3 

We celebrated at Grand Hyatt Thirty8!
The last time I was here was Edward bringing me here for my birthday in 2015!
They changed their menu a lot, and not in a good way.
Less choices, everything much more expensive and not as good :/
Their signature cake inflates faster than gold prices man HAHAHAH
But it was for birthday, so, special occasions are good times to splurge a bit.

Sorry the motion shutter was on the roll so we took a lot of pics. HAHAHA

So that was our short and sweet celebration for baby Xuannie!

Tea time with Cynthia at Ativo!

Love the green tea soy latte at Rondaevoo.
The soy milk makes it taste a bit like Horlicks. 
They sell rotiboy there too and it always sells out!

Family dinner random selfie

Typical workday lunch with family at Rakuzen

Merry Christmas? Christmas Eve? HAHAHA

Went to Zouk with Cynthia after carolling.
It was a really fun night! It was packed but I bumped into 
a lot of familiar people so it's funnnn. 

Feels like I'm at a reunion or something. 

Rachle on the decks as always with DJ Ken!

Christmas Caroling! <3 p="">

Pretty Xmas brunch setup at the newly-opened Acme Bar Cafe in Pavilion.
Their cakes and desserts were really good. Salad was so-so.


Salad was so-so ah because I feel like the flavours didn't really combine and the chicken didn't really go with the pomegranate. They should add more pomegranate and swap chicken for prawns for a "fresher" take. 

Impromptu jaunt to Genting. HAHAH.
Shao Yang wanted to try Burger & Lobster.
I've tried the original one back in London and it was pretty good! 
Looks pretty legit ah they had the same bib and everything.

I think the bill was about RM100 per person? I think?

Fun bunch yooo

Claire my pretty and cute cousin! 

Random selfie

With Ai Lynn who is busy as shit now due to having a full time job.
Glad to be able to catch up with her!

Random selfie(s)

Shopping trip! With Mimi and Xuannie!
To buyyyy new year clothes!

It has been legit 1 year plus since I went to Times Square or Sungei Wang.
Like a place where you can get dirt cheap clothing. I'm not talking about RM50, RM60.
I'm talking about freakin RM15, RM35.

I'm not too fussy with clothes! I wear no brand clothes and high street clothes!
I don't mind as long as it looks good. :3

Sushi at Tokyo Kitchen!

My plate was less than RM15 because they were RM2.50 a pair!
Sushi is always a good idea. I love sushi. 

It's good when you're not too hungry.
And even better when you're really hungry and you can stuff more sushi.


Result of the haul! HAHAHA.

I like the feeling when you buy a ton of cheap clothes and get to play dress up after getting home.

The top was RM39, skirt was RM35!

RM15 for top and RM15 for skorts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Topshop is like freaking RM269 for a skirt okay. 
I just bought a skirt that price and after buying all these dirt cheap clothes I feel like it's so expensive lolol.

Work out days :>

Heading up to...


We went to Kanching Waterfall at Templer's Park.
Sooo worth going. Would definitely come back here again.
So relaxing. So much nature. So much trees. 
So much water gushing. So much everything.
So much goodness.

Water splashing and it's goooood!

Hiking buddy Cynthia!


Thanks for reading bye bye! :*

xoxo, Bubu

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