Thursday, 16 February 2017

Wish for the best

Hello! Tried the high tea at Colonial Cafe, Majestic Hotel with Mimi and Xuan. 
Majestic Hotel is famous for their Orchid Conservatory Room and their signature round tea stands.

They don't have a written menu (which I thought was weird), instead a waiter will come and verbally explain the tea time choices. The price is RM65 per person for tea time if not wrong. 

For three people they will recommend two tea sets but Mimi had already eaten so we ordered a tea set and it came with some side order. Was filling though because of the scones and side order! Came up to about RM50 per person. I think the pricing is very reasonable.

Side order was some deviled eggs, omelette and fried chicken. Mei Yen would love the fried chicken.

Overall the food was not bad. Nothing to shout about, but pleasing to the eyes. Haha! And filling, too.
Overall, ambiance was great because the dining section was really spacious and divided into adjoining rooms with different themes. Would visit again!

Mimi and Xuannie!

Pulled together a very simple outfit!
Pink lace top was from Times Square a couple weeks back. I think it was like less than RM50.
Maxi skirt is from Miss Selfridge, eons of seasons ago.

Actually took the time to curl my hair. HAHAHAHAH

If you were wondering, I dye my hair at home with the Liese Bubble. 
I think the colour I used was Marshmallow Brown. 

My aunt told me that you should apply half of them, wait 30 minutes and then apply the rest and wait another 30 minutes. Hers came out really bright just like the packaging! I think I should try her technique next time since I have typical thick black Asian hair. 

Not that I don't like my natural hair,but I think brown hair is fun suits me more now that I'm more tanned (due to swimming like 3-4x a week)!

Of course, one of the main reason girls like to go for high tea is to dress up and go somewhere posh. Hence I need to make use of the pictures I've taken and post it here for memories. Memories for when I am too old to put in the effort to dress up. 

But I doubt I would get tired of dressing up though! It's just... fun and it makes you feel good about yourself. 

Chinese New Year seemed like it just came and went.
Much earlier than usual, on January 28th this year!

Sparkly dress from Topshop and pointy heels from Charles & Keith :3

And once a year, I finally get to pull out some cheongsams!
This particular one is from Cherrie Lee at 1Utama. 
Note to self: buy cheongsam off season to wear during Chinese New Year. 

Lunch at Shang Palace for Shao Yang's belated birthday. 

Stamina roll from Rakuzen! It's really delish, but sometimes they cut the meat so thickly, I imagine I'm eating a live eel wriggling around.

At Play. On a freaking Tuesday night. HAHAHA. For Cynthia's farewell.
Good luck on your studies and all the best in UK!

Tamarind Springs for Rachel's birthday. 
It's tucked in a neighbourhood area near Jalan Ampang.

Ken's surprise party for Rachel at ... I forgot. 
Ohhh Dao Rae ^^ 



With Kimberley at Zouk! Just a random night out.

Chinese New Year dinner at Unique Seafood, with Xuan, Hera and Veron.
HEHE. Would not recommend Unique Seafood! The one we went was at Kota Damansara.

I was expecting something more high-class! The food was not good too. :(
We took the most expensive package, RM2088 for 10 pax. But the food was terrible!!!
As in not worth the price lol. For example, One Seafood is expensive but the food is worth the price in the sense that it's some exotic seafood or the way it's cook brings out its flavour. Just a personal opinion, hehe.

Bumped into Xuannie at Pavilion on family outing so I shopped with her instead. HAHAH

So many pictures, so little time. HAHAHA.

Top from Monki, pants from Forever 21. 

Started wearing my Pandora back again recently. Hehe. 
They also had this promotion recently, free jewellery pouch (the red heart) if you purchase RM688 and above. It makes me happy seeing the charms people bought for me! Hehe. I only bought three charms myself and the rest was given by boyfie, friends and family. 

Also, on another note. I've enrolled myself at Taylor's and am currently studying Master in Management. HAHAHA. First week of class has commenced, so far so good. They even have free dinner for Masters students. I think for every weekday. 

Okay, that's all ^^ Maybe I'll update with more words next post.
HAHAHAH this post was more like Instagram.

Till then, peeps!