Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Birthday Month

Hi peeps!

I am finally back :p

Actually thought of deleting/privating my blog or stop blogging, but I still get the urge now and then to blog. So enjoy reading while I still have the urge. Haha! But, if I do delete blog, I would definitely do a back-up of it or turn it into a book first. 

I'm quite glad I've blogged my youth away. At least when I'm old and sitting on the wheelchair I can look back on the fun memories I had and the ups and downs of this roller coaster ride we call youth. My first blog post was actually on 25th August 2009. That was 8 years ago, when I was 15 years old. Time flies, it does. 

I've never changed my username before. A lot of people ask why "bubuchahchah". Erm, actually it's because karentan is always taken and karentan94 felt generic. Bubuchahchah just popped in my head. But bubuchahchah actually means two things- the japanese cartoon (bubuchacha) and the dessert bubur cha cha (which I've never tried before).

So now you know!

March 21st is my birthday, or 3.21 in simpler terms. I'm 23 this year. I actually forgot and told someone I was 24 years old, but they corrected me. Golly. You know you are turning old when you can't keep track of your age. But I think 20 years from now I will look back and feel like slapping myself for saying I'm old now. :p

Thank you my dear sweet friends for all those birthday celebrations! I really appreciate everything you guys do! <3 nbsp="" p="">

This one was to Tamarind Hill with Leanne and Rachel. Tamarind Hill is situated near Pavilion at Jalan Sultan Ismail. The food there is not bad, thai fusion cuisine. If you want the full experience, I would recommend you to go Tamarind Springs, though! It's tucked further inside Jalan Ampang, but the atmosphere is really great.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself that night! It was a long time since I've seen either of them. Ah, life keeps us busy sometimes. Rachel gave me a personalized towel with my name embroidered and Leanne gave me a very expensive bottle of Jo Malone! Thank you! I tape up postcards and notes in my room when I receive it. I'm a sucker for thoughtful things! But friendship is not just about gifts, hehe, love can be expressed in many other ways. Gifts are just one of them! Even spending time I feel is very precious because you decide to make time to see someone.

Tamarind Springs or Hill, nevertheless there will be steps to conquer. Rachel was running out of breath after climbing them hahaha so cute 

Yumyum. Was really hungry actually! Their soft shell crab, tom yam soup and green curry chicken are fail safe if you order from them. Beware though, if you are not fond of spicy food!

I love thai, japanese and malay cuisine so... yums.

I curled my hair! Like finally. Hahaha. I feel like curly/wavy hair is more glamorous and finishes off a look with make up and dressy clothes. But... it's way too much effort for everyday. Plus, if you do sports you have to shower after sweating anyway :3

Really loving Zara clothes lately! Their new collection is so pretty. The pink skirt I'm wearing today is from Zara. I love mermaid skirts. Or any skirts for the record. High-waisted shorts as well. Not fond of jeans because my pear shape doesn't agree with them. Well, dress according to your body type! For me, I have a smaller upper body and carry fat more on my lower body. Am glad to say I've lost about six kgs since coming back from UK. HAHAHA. NEVER AGAIN. I don't have to be skinny, but I do wish to be fit and strong. 

Went to TREC for second round. It has been a while! Planned to stay for an hour or two but... ended up for like four or five hours lol. Unexpected nights like this are always good!

From Rachel's camera! Lumix G7 I think. The flash is really good! Feel so tempted to get a semi-pro camera as well. Casio TR is great for selfies and OOTD when there's light, but for landscape/food pics it's really sorely lacking. But the good thing about TR is that it is so light, about same size as iphone 5. 

Also from Rachel's camera :3

Btw, I use Polarr Photo Editor for editing pictures in this post. It's an app from Windows App Store, which you can get on your laptop/computer if it's Windows 10. I recently changed my monitor into an all in one pc from HP (HP b110d 24"). So far so good!

 The screen is quite sharp and clear because it's actually a touchscreen. ^^ But it is also very reflective as you can see. HAHAHA. Comes with Bang & Olufsen speakers too! Before this I used to hook my laptop to a monitor and it was quite a hassle. 

Am also enjoying warm lemon water. That's whats inside the mug :3 Good for detox. Got hooked after sipping some in Mei Yen's car the other day and it felt so soothing. Plus, I am quite afraid of drinking cold water now, because they say it's not good for girls womb/uterus etc. I want to have A LOT OF BABIES in future, ya know. Shhh.

Thanks Leanne for the ride!

This was another day, belated one with Xuan and Veronica. We ate at Lounge On The Park, Mandarin Oriental. The last time I was here was like... three or four years ago. Their food and service have improved by quite a lot! Keep it up :3

We wanted to try Ritz Carlton's afternoon tea but it was fully booked (it was a Saturday). Thank you Xuannie for the treat! And the Jill Stuart pressie! And thank you Veron for the Dior lip goodies and sushi and cake! Appreciate it a lot :3

We had some pizza with one afternoon tea stand and it ended up really filling. The tea is refillable too, which is great. Some places don't refill tea. TWG I think. I hate TWG. The service was terrible the last time I went there (the one at Pavilion). I love Majestic Hotel's afternoon tea most ^^ great value and nice food with many different rooms. 

Xuannie and Veron ^^ walked at KLCC for a bit before leaving.

Finally got to catch up with Ai Lynn. It has been ages! We just went to The Apartment for dinner after her working hours. I am glad that I am still studying. Working is tough and tiring. But it's something we have to face sooner or later! It's good to be making your own money. I feel proud of my friends who have started working already and staying in their full-time job for a long run. I will appreciate my last year studying. 

But honestly, scratch that. I think my parents are bored of me graduating already. HAHAHAHA. When I got my advanced diploma in fashion design from Raffles, I thought, this is it. I'm going to work. Then I went to get bachelor's degree in Fashion Marketing with Management from Southampton Solent University in the UK. Came back and did a freelance job for a while. I thought, that's it, I'm going to work. Now here I am doing Master in Management at Taylor's University. Lol. The staircase is already full of my graduation photos! But one of the reasons I've decided to pursue Master is because my dad openly encouraged me to do and didn't really rush me to start working. So yeah, I thought why not. HAHA. 

I would say Masters in tough in terms of handling assignments and understanding a lot of theoretical concepts. Degree was so so, I didn't really feel like I've learnt much because there weren't much lectures (less than 3 days a week). Diploma in Fashion Design was actually my favourite in terms of what I learnt, a lot of it was hands-on coursework based on creativity and I barely did any proper writing. Fashion Design is very different. You're pinning and draping with your knees on the floor, sewing and buy fabric next. Masters in a business school is more like groupwork, lecture, assignments. But still very interesting. 

Anyway, thanks Ai Lynn for being my sidekick while we were in UK! It wouldn't be the same without you :* learning how to cook, having house parties at our flat, watching movie with popcorn from LIDL. My lesbian partner at UK yoh ^^

Finally tried the Mentai Rice at Uokatsu. It was pretty good! But I think Shao Yang them overhyped the dish already and made me had high expectations, lol. I love japanese food, especially with tamago/inari/salmon.

Told you I love salmon! I forgot what this restaurant is called but it's in Publika. :3
Went with Leanne and Mei Yen for Leanne's belated birthday! 

Cutie Leanne and Mei Yen. Leanne and Mei Yen parents are actually bestfriends!

With Veron ^^ a random dimsum outing with her and Shao Yang.

Tried Li Yen at Ritz Carlton this time. The food was so so. Okay but not too mind-blowing. I loveeeeeed their pineapple bun though. Bo lo bao. So good. 

But there was something really funny that happened. We wanted to order egg tarts, and the waitress was like... "Sorry ah, I don't know if our sifu (chef) will still hong(bake) or not, because it's quite late". We were like, okay, go ask your sifu if he will bake it.

And she came back and said, sorry ah, sifu said won't hong today. WHAT THE. HAHAHHAA. I mean it would've sounded much better if she just said they ran out of egg tarts. But this one is like, they can bake it but the head chef doesn't want to. What! Minus marks, will not come here again due to unreasonable unavailability of egg tarts~

But still. That was funny.

Random one at Score with Veron and Yih Wern. Yih Wern is one of those friends whom I hang out with often but don't take pictures with that often ^^ so here's a picture of her.

Another random one with Alvin and Xuan at Senya Izakaya. The food was not bad! At Publika, too.

Dressing on the side is always a must for salads. I hate it when my salad comes drenched in sauce. It should only be lightly coated!!

Random one at Madam Kwan with papa.

I always order their Assam Laksa. Look at that thick broth! Looks like toxic but taste so good.

Greek salad always reminds me of Santorini!

This boy is finally coming back on May 4th. >:D

I was at day 19. HAHAH. Then I stopped. Quite fun to try though!

Did 12km marathon with Mei Yen! Score Run 2017 at Berjaya Times Square.
Having another marathon next month on May 7th ^^ Coway Run.
I wish to try 21km next and then a full marathon by next year! I've done 21km before for Viper Challenge but that wasn't like a proper marathon more like long-winded obstacle course. Viper was really fun though~

Lulz. From their official photographer.

Badminton is fun! 

Sports bra

Got quite some people asking me about fitbit! Shall explain a bit.
It is basically a fitness tracker that tracks your steps, calories burned, heart rate, floors climbed etc. The model I have is Fitbit Charge 2. You link it to your phone via bluetooth and more info is displayed in the app.

Some of the features. Charge 2 is about RM700 for the normal version and RM800 for the rosegold/lilac version. They list the price as RM830 but the actual price is RM800. I got mine from 1Utama, near... mmm. I forgot. It's somewhere on the bridge connecting new wing and old wing, where watson, samsung etc is.

When you record your workout specifically it looks something like this. This was during one of the badminton session.

And this is like an overview of your daily activity. Can also add friends on the app if they have fitbit, do add me if you have one ^^ You can get xiaomi activity tracker and I heard it's good too and much cheaper about RM100-RM200 I think but without heartrate tracking. But personally I am just used to fitbit!

My previous fitbit was one Jin picked up from the club, lol. And I asked him to give it to me for my birthday. AHAHAHAHA. And bought the charger myself from Amazon. Sorry stranger, whoever dropped it. Your loss was my gain... Shucks. HAHAHA. But the fitbit is already worn to bits though.

Random sketches

Laneige haul! Couldn't resist because they always have such good promotions. I love their sleeping mask and lipsticks the most. 

Currently drawing my brows with brow zam (LOL!) from Benefit. The box has the goof proof eyebrow pencil, highlighter, stencil and brow gel. I like my brows a bit lighter than my original hair colour and I have to draw the front part a bit more because naturally they are quite wide apart. 

Loving white

Zara top and bottoms~

Absolute Thai dinner. Actually have some more dish coming up after taking this pic. Dad likes to order a lot. My assumption is that he used to be poor so now he's making up for it... And I always think, how nice if Edward is here. There won't be any leftovers. Because he's a DBKL, you get???!

Okay that was a long post. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes too! Thank you for everyone who cared eventhough I'm an insignificant person, a tiny speck in this galaxy we live in. 

Cabbie says bye too!

xoxo, Bubu.

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