Monday, 10 July 2017

Life is half-full, not half-empty

Hello, everybody! Can't believe we're closer to 2018 than we are to 2016. 
To thank those who still read my blog in spite of my erratic posting schedule, 
here comes a long post (as always, anyway :P). 

Have a backlog of pictures I want to share, and things I want to post! 

I'll start off with food first! Beware though, this greedy pig has a lot of food to share, heeee. 

I bet you guys have heard of Paul, right? The newly-opened cafe in Pavilion. 
Paul is new to Malaysia, but it was opened in France way back in 1889 as a popular bakery and patisserie. It's true, nobody does pastries like the French! They elevate it into an artform. 

If you do find yourself in Paris, remember to try Pierre Herme and Laduree too! They both have really good macarons; personally, I prefer Pierre Herme!

My dad fell into the hype... the pictures you see in this blog post is a culmination of three visits. HAHA. For the first visit, I ordered their Caesar Salad and tea with macarons. Their tea is really flavorful, salad is just so-so. I hate TWG because of their bad service. Hehe. Boycott TWG ^^ I'm glad it's not as hyped now. I like Earl Grey tea when having salad and cakes. 

Lots of croutons! I always ask for dressing on the side because they drench the salad in it more often than not. It's called a dressing, not a SHIELD!!! Some places put so much dressing I can't even see the true colour of the vege I'm eating!

You can't choose the flavours of the macaron if you order it with the tea, I guess they just give you the flavours that they have most of? Or the ones that are unlikely to be sold out?

Vanilla Eclair and Strawberry Millefeuille. I love their Mango Millefeuille. A must try after you battle the queue from the hype to try Paul! HEHE. Which I'm sure is dying soon, as on my third visit there wasn't a queue. Before that, it would be a 20-minute wait, at least.

Malaysians are always like this!!! They are always willing to queue for hours on end for a piece of Tokyo Cheese Tart or Hawker Stall Char Kuey Teow!!! Such die-hard food lovers and hype chasers, tsk tsk. Food hunting is fun though, I must SECRETLY admit.

A preview of their menu~ 
The salads are quite overpriced! But I'm often too full to have a main course on Sunday afternoons, because my lovely dad always dabao seaweed popiah for me before outing, without fail :3.

The last few visits the cafe was quite packed, so some of the eclairs were sold out. 

Palmier, which is French for "Palm Tree" (I googled). This is a giant sized version of the usual mini Japanese palmier snacks. The ones that come in a wrapper and can be found at Shojikiya. My dad loves this!

And then for my next two visits I had their Mango and Prawn Salad, which I think is more appetizing than their Caesar Salad. 

My favourite Caesar Salad currently is from The Social, Desa Park City. Ask for the one with smoked salmon! They are very generous with salmon, which I love. 

Compared to La Casa (Verve Suites) Caesar Salad. Look at the discrepancy between the two in terms of the salmon portion!!!!!!!!!!! 


Xuan and I tried the Coffee Bean at the newly-opened Arkadia Plaza in Desa Park City. I like it there! Very relaxing, and it's facing a fountain. Open-spaced, boulevard-style, like in European countries, which is a breathe of fresh air compared to the ole air-conditioned shopping malls. 

I love walking and wandering around. I'm quite sad Malaysia doesn't have so many public places like parks and recreational areas. Almost everything is commercialized and pay to enter. Even Singapore is such a tiny country but they still make space for well-maintained parks. 

They say if you want to know about a country's culture, just take a look at the state of their toilets and parks! It shows how people treat things when they think nobody is looking. Even there was a book seller who left his wares out at night. When asked why he dared to do such a thing, he simply reply, "Those who read, don't steal. Those who steal, don't read". 


I think I haven't had boat noodles in like, at least a year. 
It's still as shiok as I remembered, just that I would be careful not to eat it too often because it feels quite taxing on my tummy afterwards! HAHA. Same goes to steamboat, too. 

On good ol mornings, I head to Woh Gei for a fix of good Malaysian hawker style breakfast.
Whether it is a scrumptious plate of Chicken Rice, Har Mee or Pan Mee, I CAN HAVE IT ALL AT CHEAP PRICE. Every mouth I take makes me feel so glad of being Malaysian. 

BECAUSE I CAN TELL YOU. Malaysia is a winner when it comes to food. Cheap does not mean less quality, in fact sometimes cheap food are authentic, unpretentious and tasty!!! And also, UK food is .... no nai! No nai! (No nice, in retarded slang ^^) But okay, UK has good historical culture and public transport and parks! So to each country, it's own!

Now, let's move onto fashion!


Okay jk

Try on sessions in the fitting room at Zara with Xuannie. Heee. 

I really love girly, soft colours. I don't like black or minimalism nor streetwear. It's just something that I don't have the vibe to pull off. Can you imagine me wearing all black and trying to be cool, but my face is always grinning like a stupid idiot?! 

Hehe, anyway. Always go for what you are comfortable with. Fashion is always about expressing yourself, influencing how you carry yourself as well as how others view you. Yes, looks is powerful. We gotta admit that. But at the same time, always remember that looks don't go far. You need to offer more than your looks, because they don't last forever. 

Always invest in yourself. Read, take up new hobbies, talk to people you wouldn't usually talk to. Travel and absorb yourself in different cultures. We've only got one life to live. 

Okay inspiring but back to the fitting room. ^^

It's always fun to shop with friends. Heheeee. Especially when shopping for clothes. It's the most fun compared to with family or boyfriend. Why? Because you can offer each other opinions and try things you wouldn't usually go for. Like, your friend will bring you to a store you wouldn't usually go to and so on. I'm quite excited to be going to Korea this month with the girls! Hehe. 

Some ootds~

Coffee bean!

After taking this picture: "YOU LOOK GRUMPY"

Okay no more grumpy.

A smile is the best accessory you can wear ^^


Grand Imperial dinner night with family some days ago~

Some college ootds! HAHAHA. I always come really early to class to avoid the jam. How early? 
Let's say class starts at 6.30pm. I 'll leave my house two hours before early. AHHAHAA. Because LDP gets so frickin jam by 5pm. 

Credits to Joey !

Who is this petite girl! 


Bumped into Corrinne while I was out shopping with family!

Picked out a new belt because all my belts are falling apart :3
I tried the black and brown ones, but this one just captured my attention the most (probably because it's so girly and will fit well into my current closet).

Sometimes I feel quite scared, like, what if I wake up and hate pink one day. I would have to throw out at least 60% of my wardrobe. Hmm. Deep thoughts. HAHAHAHA. But I can't help it!!! Pink is just so soothing to me.

I like the box it came with! Alessandro Michele is doing a bomb job revitalizing Gucci. It was so dead before the Dionysus and Marmonts appeared. 

Hehe so girly and gold.

Outfit idea! Worn casual with denim shorts. The Balenciaga bag was bought recently. SO PINK. HAHAHHAA. Sorry pink haters!!! Give me all the pink ^^

The belt goes well with maxi dress too! And I'm glad they had it in my size. I took the 75cm one, they told me it's the smallest size they make for most belts, but I asked them to punched another hole in case I get diarrhoea one day and need that extra tightening. HAHAHAHAH JK. 

The other brown belt had a 70cm length though. But 75cm is fine as well, can be worn on the waist or high-waisted!

I think Gucci is quite cheap in Malaysia, compared to countries like China (?). While I was inside Gucci there were a lot of China tourists. I wouldn't say they were rude? I mean, I've encountered rude ones before but most of the tourists who visit Pavilion are pretty well-mannered. HAHAHA but I can see some of the sales were quite bombarded with their requests and one of the Chinese tourist kept speaking to the Malay sales in CHINESE, LIKE FIVE TIMES. 

這個多少錢?有長一點嗎?有退稅嗎?And then the Malay salesperson just watched her and tembak tembak answer her. AAHAHAHAH. 

Florals! From ze Zara sales during Hari Raya.

Fitting room snaps! *Instant slimming tip: just wear pointy-toe shoes! They look great on everyone. But always wear a size up if you are unsure to avoid blisters.

Hi Mickey butt.

OKAY, done fashion. Now onto the last part, Fitness! (I told you guys it will be a long post ^^)

I downloaded the Strava app for running! It's so informative and user-friendly. I prefer it over Runkeeper now~

I did 4.5km in around 30minutes with Mei Yen, then I went home and told myself I wanted to finish 5km in 30minutes for the next run.

So the next day I went to jogging alone and competed with myself ^^ AHAHAA. 
Ended up with 5km in 29 minutes and 33 seconds. 
I would love to get down to a 5-minute pace one day! I think anyone reasonably fit can do 5km in 30 minutes. It's a good challenge! Would be nice to do it in under 25 minutes next time! But I would have to train loads. Hehe.

Tried golf with Yih Wern and Win Shen. Thank you for teaching me some of the basics! Hehe. Deeply appreciated. 

And supporting Daniel's Muay Thai gym in Arkadia Plaza, Desa Park City. Props to him! 
For chasing his passion and doing what he loves. Go drop by and have a visit if you're interested too! A good way to sweat and learn some self-defense too. It's on Block E, Level 1. Classes are RM200 a month for four classes. 


So this wraps up my post!

Till the next time and hope you guys enjoy reading! Stay healthy always! Bye bye! :*

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